The New Dream Team? A Review of Human-AI Collaboration Research From a Human Teamwork Perspective


A new generation of information systems based on artificial intelligence (AI) transforms the way we work. However, existing research on human-AI collaboration is scattered across disciplines, highlighting the need for more transparency about the design of human-AI collaboration in organizational contexts. This paper addresses this gap by reviewing the literature on human-AI collaboration through the lens of human teamwork. Our results provide insights into how emerging topics of human-AI collaboration are connected and influence each other. In particular, the review indicates that, with the increasing complexity of organizational settings, human-AI collaboration needs to be designed differently, and team maintenance activities become more important due to increased communicational requirements of humans. Our main contribution is a novel framework of temporal phases in human-AI collaboration, identifying the mechanisms that need to be considered when designing them for organizational contexts. Additionally, we use our framework to derive a future research agenda.

Proceedings of the 44th International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS 2023)